Claim Submission Portal for Jaypee Infratech (JIL) Buyers

This website has been created for amicus curiae, Mr. Pawanshree Agrawal, (Advocate on Record) to enable Jaypee Infratech buyers to exercise their option (of refund or possession) pursuant to Hon'ble Supreme Court Order dated 22.11.2017.http://www.sci.nic.in/supremecourt/2017/25878/25878_2017_Order_21-Mar-2018.pdf

Additionally, also note Hon'ble Supreme Court Order dated 11.9.2017 and Order dated 13.7.2018Order dated 9.8.2018

NDH: 16.7.2018
There is No Verification Mail sent. After Saving. Login To See Whether Your Details Are Visible. If Visible, the Data Is Registered on the Portal.

 ~~Change of Option~~

In view Of the Supreme Court Order Dated 16.5.2018.Those Buyers Who wish To Change Their Intent From Refund To Possession , Are Requested to Send Email at "amicusjaypee@gmail.com", From The Same Email id Which Was Used On Amicus Portal, With Buyers Name, Mobile No, Cust Code, Project Details, .

 Period of registration

Submission of claims from Jaypee Infratech buyers are being accepted on this website.

 Eligibility criteria

Buyers who have already taken possession of their property from Jaypee should not use this Portal to submit their claim.

Please Use Chrome Browser For Registration. . NRI : see Anouncement Section

Process of Registration of Claim (for refund or possession)

!The following points should be noted and acted upon before using this website to register a claim:

  • Buyers in India are required to upload an Attested Affidavit of a Notary (Stamp Paper Not required) stating therein whether they want “Refund” or “Possession”, also mentioning requisite details of Flat / Villa / Plot allotted, project name and amount paid to the Company Only. Any person making an Affidavit on the basis of Power of Attorney (POA) needs to upload the same along with the Affidavit.

  • All buyers are required to upload a scanned copy of First Page of Provisional Allotment Letter (one page only) and if the Flat / Villa / Plot is further resold, also a scanned copy of the "Resale Endorsement" page.

  • All buyers are required to upload a scaned a copy of the buyer's Photo ID (any one of the following: Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Passport).

In case of Joint Allotee, Either of the owner can file the Affidavit on behalf of the other.

__The "Declaration of Intent" for Possession / Refund cannot be edited or changed, once it is submitted.__

If you need assistance, you may WhatsApp (message) +91 9818633606 on weekdays after 5 PM To 9 PM only. This is not the mobile number of the amicus curiae

Note: Buyers should retain the original Affidavit and documents uploaded here for future verification, if the need so arises.

Step 1: Register

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Step 2: Submit Claim, Review / Edit Details

Jaypee Buyers Login Here

You can login with the username / password that you have used in Step 1 and fill the form to submit your claim. Thereafter you can login again to review your claim or, if required, edit some of the details that you have submitted anytime before last date for submissions.Entries Registered prior to 10.1.2018 Are Freezed and cannot be Edited